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Five Quick Tips For Timber Sales In Melbourne

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Are you a timber dealer in Melbourne? Gaining as much sales as possible may be the ultimate goal you have in mind. Well, you need not to rush when it comes to timber sales in Melbourne Simply have all the necessary time, do proper analysis and gather as much information as possible concerning trees. You simply need to determine what exactly you are selling, its market value and seal a deal with a contractor that will always be to your advantage.

  • Design a harvesting plan

This involves understanding and determining what trees to harvest timber from, quantity and the worth of each harvest. You thus clearly need to mark the trees you intend to harvest and the ones to retain in this plan. You should not just harvest trees for the sake of it; first mark clearly which trees will be cut for selling.

Hasty harvesting decisions will not be good if you are to remain in the market for long. You therefore need to carefully review your forest before making such decisions for sustainability purposes in your timber selling.

You can do this by consulting with a professional forester who understands the market trends for timber. With professional advice, you will be able to determine timber prices, harvesting costs, assortment, market competition and access issues among other things. Relying on such quality information concerning timber sales may come in handy to help you gain better income out of your sales. An overall understanding of the market will also equip you with necessary information you will use to market your trees and timber as you effectively manage and sustain the forest.

  • Understand about competitive bidding

With competitive bidding, you are likely to sale your timber at a higher price than just releasing your timber to the first customer you meet. Always talk to a number of customers to determine the exact value of your timber in the market through comparison of different buyers. It may take time to do this but it is worth the pain after all. It is always advisable to determine the value of your timber then opening up to customer for competitive bidding and the higher bidder gets to buy the timber. This way you can be assured of generating good income.

On the same note, you also need to make it clear of various aspects of timber selling such as fence damages, residual stand damage and damage to other trees in the process of harvesting. A proper agreement is necessary between you and the customer to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

  • Penalties for excessive damage to other property and the remaining trees

In the event of an agreement with the buyer, the agreement should state clearly the kind of penalties in case of excessive damage to the remaining trees and other property. All contract terms should be clearly stated and written down and if possible a performance deposit down payment made prior to harvesting to ensure that the contract terms are adhered to the end.

Now you are on the know-how; you can go ahead and carry out your timber sales in Melbourne

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